We Love American Bulldogs

This page is dedicated to the needs of American Bulldogs that need a home right away. For many reasons ...but mostly lack of someones commitment to their dog tat they purchased, that these AB's need a new home.  A home where someone or a whole family is committed to them and not their own life style that they thought they wanted when they got their American Bulldog.  We rarely have rehoming opportunities and more rarely is it our pups because we have such a strict guideline as to where we place our pups, because we want it to be their FOREVER homes.  But from time to time unforeseen circumstance arise and we have to step in and help a fellow American Bulldog find a new home. It is our commitment to be loving and fair to every rehoming of an American Bulldog so we can find them they're forever home. Please only contact me at 916-813-5370 if you are this special kind of person that can make a commitment to these American Bulldogs. 

Meet Hank Jr.

Thank you for helping us find a new home for Hank Jr. He is super sweet, smart, athletic and loves our family and our 3.5 year old daughter CJ. Hank has a playful and colorful personality, he loves affection, belly rubs, chasing his toys, and being helpful. He has quite the wiggle every time we return home and is extremely affectionate. We’ve put him through a $2,000 4 week professional training course and he is great on walks understanding heel sit down and does not pull on his leash. He has never had any accidents in the house, doesn’t chew and responds to commands to go to his bed. He is fully intact and is incredibly Handsome.

Hank Jr. is our only pup born here at VFAB,  that in 20 years I have ever had to Rehome above is his family's bio of him as a dog. He was born here at "We love American Bulldogs" in 2016. He is a Cricket and Hank the Tank pup. He is beautiful and needs someone with some property or lots of space, he loves men and kids. Raised as an only dog he may or may not get along with other dogs. He wags his tail at other dogs when he goes on his walk with his daddy owner. My guess is a female pup when suit him best as he is still intact and males would be too much competition for him. An experienced AB owner would be best for him as well.