All of our families that adopt our pups are carefully chosen. Most all stay in touch and give us updates on their dogs on a regular bases. Here are some testimonials sent in by owners of our pups over the years. 

Testimonial: Luis & Sarah Bernal March 27th 2013 litter 


My wife and I decided in January that it was time for us to look for an American Bulldog. It would be our first American Bulldog, so it required some research. Quickly falling in love with everything we read about the breed, we began our search for the breeder.  We were lucky enough to come across Villa Fournier American Bulldog Farm website.  We never expected that awaiting our puppy’s arrival would be such a great experience.  Davette updated us on Fiona’s health, along with weekly photos and videos once the puppies came.  The entire litter were a handsome and beautiful bunch.  We were lucky enough to take Titan home with us and even made the drive from Southern California to pick him up.  Prior to picking up Titan, we knew we wanted to purchase another puppy from Davette and her husband.  On puppy pick up day, we knew going with them for our second pup was definitely the right choice. Davette was very helpful answering questions throughout the process and even weeks after puppy pick up day. Davette’s knowledge and love for the breed truly made this a warm experience and we look forward to it again next year when we pick up our other pup.

Luis & Sarah Bernal

Los Angeles, CA.

Testimonial: Adam Fisher June 10  2010 litter 

"Bella & Tessa"

Came for one and left with two……………..I have been an owner of large breed dogs my entire adult life and consider myself knowledgeable when it comes to owning, raising, training, and socializing dogs, especially large breed dogs; as well as being able to choose a reputable breeder. Asking the right questions, listening to the breeder’s responses, visiting the breeders, observing their dogs, and feeling comfortable and good with what you are seeing/hearing are all very important when it comes to selecting the right dog and breeder.

After losing both of our Bordeaux’s this past summer and spending much time grieving over the loss, our family decided it was time to add another member to the family. We wanted another large breed dog that would first and foremost be a great family pet, with a sound temperament, intelligence, be great with children, socially friendly, yet protective when necessary. I believe we found that dog in the American Bulldog and found the right breeder/ambassador of the American Bulldog in Davette and Stephen.

Their website was very informative with regards to the breed history, breed standards, and their experience with the breed. I ended up talking to Davette for about an hour on the phone prior to visiting their farm/vineyard. Davette was very willing to answer all my questions and gave great advice with regards to buying an American Bulldog. I went to visit their farm the very next day with my 3 ½ year old and 19 year old sons. I was very impressed with the overall set up for their dogs and realized how much they cared about these animals. It became obvious to me that Davette and Stephen breed these dogs for the love of the breed and not for monetary reasons. All their dogs looked to be in excellent health and all had wonderful dispositions. We were able to meet and interact with the remaining two puppies, along with the Sire, Dam and their other dogs. It was too difficult for my sons and myself to choose between the puppies and thus decided on buying them both. We were provided a copy of the contract agreement, as well as records of each puppy’s vaccinations (4), de-worming (5), and rabies shot. We were also provided with photos, pedigrees, copies of registries of both Sire and Dam and weekly photos of each puppy up until purchase. It has only been two weeks since bringing Bella and Tessa home and Davette has kept in touch via email and phone to help in any way, if needed. The transition has gone smoothly and my family and I couldn’t be happier with choosing to buy these two wonderful dogs from Davette and Stephen.

Adam Fisher

Cameron Park, CA

Testimonial: David Moody, Oct. 6th 2011 Litter

 "Moody's Guido"

Growing up on a farm in rural Indiana, I had many dog's that brought joy and companionship to me, but I can honestly tell you that I have never been more connected to a dog than our Guido.

From day one he has been the best dog a person could ever ask for by just being the mellowest and best tempered dog I have ever seen.

He has immediately taken to everything we have introduced him to, whether it's knowing where his bed is, potty training, understanding the difference between his toy's and things that aren't, and most importantly, understanding his place in our pack and respecting children and adults alike.
This last item is a very important consideration in selecting any dog a family wants to own, and although American Bulldog's have a menacing appearance, it's an illusion that masks a personality and temperament best suited for any family.

The icing on the cake with Guido is that my wife loves him to death and treats him like a member of the family. As I've mentioned before, she's never been a dog person and for her to feel this way about Guido is a HUGH testament to his personality and temperament. In fact, she recently suggested we consider adding another American Bulldog to the house.

All-in-all, I wish I had found this breed and your breeding stock sooner so I could have more time with the Bulldog Experience!

Head circumference is 19"
Shoulders 22"
He weighed 60# on the first of March......he packed on 15# in that one month, the vet couldn't believe it and had to weigh him twice.......I'm guessing he's tipping the scales at nearly 75# today......I'll know for sure next Friday when I take him to the vet and give you an accurate number.

Moody Family

Northern California

Testimonial: David & Chrissy Negron

"KOA" July 2nd 2012 litter

After countless hours on the internet, dozens of phone calls with "reputable breeders" around the U.S., and 3 visits to breeders in California, I kept going back to one site.......americanbulldogfarm.com. I could have saved myself 3 or 4 months of searching by just driving the hour up the road to Villa Fournier in the first place. I called Davette to see if we could come up to see the puppies and she invited us up that Saturday.
Their passion for the American Bulldog breed definitely shines through the second you arrive. We were greeted by a beautiful beast named Gaultier and a playful 4 month old puppy named Memphis (and of course Davette), both dogs loved the attention and were very friendly. She put them away and led us to the "dog house", which is more like a puppy palace. The divided house was more than large enough for the 2 mamas and their litters. The females were very attentive to the pups but, like the other dogs, very social and excited to see us.
We immediately saw the puppy that we had picked from the litter photos. After an hour with the litter, and another getting educated on the breed, we left. On the way home all we could talk about was The Fournier's enthusiasm for the breed and, in particular, the Fournier American Bulldogs. We waited 6 long weeks until we could pick up Koa but were kept informed about our puppy every week. Our family looked forward to every Sunday afternoon when we normally got our weekly emails. Emails described his weight, any shots, any milestones, and included no less than 3 pictures and up to 8 pictures. We felt very much a part of the process the entire way.
Now we have a beautiful white/brindle American Bulldog that loves to play. He is very social with other dogs and loves to be around other people. Remarkably, he's already very gentle with our newborn son. He's super inquisitive and a bit mischievous but he does respond already to some commands.
We would like to thank The Fourniers so much for such a great puppy. We look forward to being able to add another Villa Fournier American Bulldog to our family in the future.
Thank you-
Koa's new family
(Dave, Chrissy, Noah, Monique, and Victoria)
Vacaville Ca.

Testimonial: Holly Chrisope

"LINK" March 27th, 2013  litter

    I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am that I found Villa Fournier! Villa Fournier takes pride in providing a loving and caring environment for their bulldogs; they deliver that and so much more. I cannot praise Davette and Stephen enough; their approach to breeding these magnificent dogs is in a class all of its own.  From the moment I stepped onto the farm I was welcomed with open arms from Davette and wags and kisses from Fiona, Gaultier, and Malibu. Davette’s passion for the breed shines through for all to see.
    Davette kept me updated throughout the entire puppy process from conception to birth with weekly updates. Link was raise in the best environment possible. Davette and Stephen truly care about each and every puppy that is born on the farm. From day one every puppy is showered with love and affection. The time and energy that is put in to every litter by Davette and Stephen is commendable and is a true testament for their dedication and love for the breed.
    In the future I will be coming back to Villa Fournier for another American Bulldog! I am so proud to be a member of the Villa Fournier bulldog family! Thanks you Villa Fournier! Without you I would have never found the missing “Link” to my heart!

-Holly Chrisope
Chico, CA

Testimonial: Bernstein Family

"ZUESS" March 27th, 2013  litter

Our family decided it was time to get a new puppy, so we started the search for an American Bulldog.  We are new to the breed and wanted to make sure we could find a breeder that knew their dogs.  After looking around for weeks, we found Villa Fouriner American Bulldog Farm.  I emailed Davette and spoke to her soon after.  She answered all of my questions and gave me lots of additional information about the breed.  From the first conversation, I knew they were breeders that cared a great deal about their pups!  We put a deposit down and waited for Fiona to go into heat.  Davette stayed in contact with us during the wait and through Fiona’s pregnancy.  Once the puppies were born we received weekly updates on the health, weight, etc.  We got great photos and videos too!  We made a trip up to the visit when the puppies were a few weeks old to pick our puppy.  They were all so beautiful; it was not an easy choice.  We could not be happier with our new puppy Zeus.  He is such a happy, smart, healthy, and playful little boy.  The transition from the farm to our home was smooth and potty training has been a breeze.  We credit all of this to Davette and her husband.  Thank you guys for all the love and attention that you put into these little guys/girls!

The Bernstein Family
Alameda AC.

Testimonial: Howie Family

"Magnolia" July 3rd, 2012  litter

Hello Davette!

WOW, she's one tomorrow. We can't believe it! She's the absolute BEST girl ever!! She was 89lbs at 11 months and healthy as a horse. She has the appetite of a teenage boy, which is funny considering how much of a shadow she is to Will. She absolutely loves lacrosse; she will watch Will throw and play catch for hours and believes the goal is her own space.

Everyone is her friend and she's so well behaved with everyone she meets, human or fur-friend. She has a few guilty pleasures: shoes, pillows, blankets, and especially BANANAS! She can hear a banana being pealed from a mile away. Bam...there she is asking if she can help you finish it off.

So, here are a few pics of our beloved Maggie. We are blessed to have her and are eternally grateful for you, the BEST breeder ever!!

All our best always,
Beth, Joel, Ellie , and Will Howie
Loving life in Oregon

Testimonial: Lynda Lee Alverson, June 10, 2010 litter 

"BobbyLee Bully Alverson"

I would like to thank Villa Fournier for giving both myself and Cheeseburger something ever so precious to love. BobbyLee is such a compassionate and happy Bully and has filled an empty spot in our lives. She is very healthy and has such a great temperament. Since my husbands passing we have needed someone in our lives and she has been the perfect fit. She hugs me when I cry and plays with Cheesy when he is lonely and I am not home. What more could I ask for. I would recommend the Fournier Bully's to anyone looking for a good American Bulldog that has been well bread by great parents both gentle and loving, strong and beautiful.

Lynda Lee



Sacramento, California

Testimonial: Kent and Tamara Loughlin Nov 3, 2009 litter 

"Dottie Dot Dogg"


After deciding to look for an American Bulldog female we were delighted to find  the web site for Villa Fournier American Bulldogs. Right off the bat we knew that this line was going to be spectacular and we were not disappointed. Our AB Dottie, has filled our lives with the enjoyment of a smart, fun and dedicated little treasure; at this writing she is 8 months old, weighs 74lbs. and is a solid as a ham! Did I mention that she is absolutely stunning to look at and turns heads whenever we go for walks? Well, she is all of that and more.


This was not our first experience buying a dog or working with dog breeders, so we knew a few things to look for: condition of the habitat, lineage and disposition of the Stud and Bitch, knowledge and understanding of the breed etc..  I would tell anybody who asks; the breeders are (almost) as important as the dog, and the Fournier's make a powerful team. They love these dogs and provide the best surroundings possible to raise happy healthy puppies. They do their research, they know their facts and provide every bit of information you could ever need.... usually before you realize you need it! They keep in touch providing helpful tips about the breed with updates on anything that relates to them plus, we get reminders regarding vaccines! About  the time our female would have "come into season" I got an email from Davette, advising "new owners of AB females from our litter, "the changes to look for and the preparation needed to keep the animals in control and out of harms way".  You will find cheaper dogs out there from  backyard breeders and the like, but you truly get what you pay for. These few things I have mentioned plus a myriad of other thoughtful services have proven the Fournier's to be indispensable as remote and concerned parents! Anybody considering the addition of an American Bulldog to their family should check with this family first.... we are delighted we did!


Kent and Tamara Loughlin

Rocklin California

Testimonial: Josh Taylor

"RUSTY" July 2nd 2012 litter
 I am writing this testimonial to say a big thank to Villa Fournier American Bulldogs. My name is Josh and I recently got my first American Bulldog through them and was stoked on how easy Davette made everything from start to finish. Davette is very good at what she does, from weekly updates on your puppy, to answering any questions we thought up before it was time to take our puppy home. Davette really makes you feel part of the family from birth to picking your puppy up. As time went on and the 9th week came, my fiance Katy had a lot of questions for Davette, Davette had no problem answering all Katy's questions and putting my fiance at ease. Me and my fiance have now had our new puppy "rusty" for 4 days  and could not be any happier with our new little guy. Rusty is very smart and has been learning very quick. I can't thank Davette with Villa Fournier American Bulldogs enough for our new family member. We are stoked to have rusty in our family and can't wait to watch him grow.

2 new puppy owners,
Josh and Katy
Citrus Heights, Ca

Testimonial: Jason & Jackie Bumanglag Nov 3, 2009 litter 


After a long search for an American Bulldog, preferably an all white female, as we have a brindle and white male, we came across the Villa Fournier website. Our first pup was bought from a breeder who disappeared before giving us all of the papers on our dog and never returned any calls after he got the money from us. So although the price was a little higher than the range we were trying to stay in- after meeting the family and visiting the Villa we soon realized that this was a perfect match us and our family. Davette and her husband invited us into their home to meet all of the pups, we spent half the afternoon trying to decide which pup we wanted after they showed us the puppies routines, feedings, walking and care for the dogs, they honestly with this amount of puppies and other animals couldn't do a better job.

Our Puppy Zinfandel-who is now 9 1/2 months and 66 pounds, decided as puppies do to eat a large rope toy, at the time we didn't we didn't know what she had eaten just knew something was terribly wrong, immediately we called the breeder for guidance. After several  phone calls to the breeder and vet visits Zinny had surgery to remove the object. Davette was by our side every step of the way, she was even there with me to pick Zinfandel up from the vet and brought a doggie treat for both our dogs, honestly having the breeder be there for this was very reassuring to me that we bought from the best!!! I can't tell anyone enough how awesome this family is and how caring and loving they are to the pups and other animals on the Villa, they honestly take the time to know who you are as a family and are involved with the dogs even after they come to your home. They have been a blessing to us and we couldn't be happier with our choice to go with them to buy our baby!

Thank you guys for all you have done for the Boom family! Zinny says hi and wants to visit soon!

Jason & Jackie Bumanglag

Plumas Lake, California

Testimonial: Miller Family, Nov 3, 2010 Litter 

"Keen Eye Girl" aka "Keone"


When we decided to add an American Bulldog to our family, we knew that we needed a special puppy. We knew that we needed a puppy that had a sound disposition with a good temperament, as we planned for this puppy to be a member of our family and a therapy dog. This was not the first time buying a pure breed puppy, so we knew the challenges of finding the right breeder. We have been blessed with owning two wonderful boxers, which have changed our lives forever. We wouldn't have changed getting either of our boxers, though I might have done more research on the breeder. Unfortunately, we lost our male boxer at the young age of 7 from heart failure, which we learned later can run in the lines. We have also had the experience of having friends who bought a beautiful male american bulldog puppy, that has turned out to have severe aggression issues. So as we started the adventure of looking for the perfect puppy we spoke with many breeders. We spoke with those that were backyard breeders and those that show. We found ourselves wondering if we would ever find the right breeder. I can say that there were many phone conversations with breeders that ended with "no way would I buy a puppy from them." We had almost given up, when we came across Davette and Stephen's website. After spending time reviewing the website and reading all the information, we decided to give them a call. Davette spent about an hour on the phone with us answering all of our questions. She was knowledgeable, helpful, and gave us some advice for our friends regarding their american bull dog. We went to visit the puppies and were happy we did. We left with a big decision of which puppy we would be adding to our family. I don't think we could have gone wrong with any of the puppies they had. 


Keone has been a wonderful addition to our family. The vet has found her to be healthy and sound. We are working towards her getting her CGC certificate and are one level away. She has excelled in all her training classes. The trainer has been amazed with her personality and temperament. She consistently comments on how wonderful she is, which is a testiment to the wonderful breeding. We would not replace her for the world and would purchase another puppy from Davette.   

Jenine & Adam Miller

Petaluma, California

Testimonial: Jessica & Ryan Toole Oct. 6th 2011 litter
"Toole's Otis"
We are all doing good here in Georgia! Otis is getting so big, so fast!  He is just as cute as he can be. He is very active now and loves to play, but still has to have his nap time. We can't thank you enough for helping us find the perfect bulldog for us.  When we made up our minds that we wanted to get an American bulldog, we looked at what felt like hundreds of different sites.  Nothing close to home worked out for us and I am very glad we widened our search!  Never thought we would end up getting a dog from across the country, but the whole process was so easy and exciting. We loved your site and after talking with you on the phone that first time, we knew what we had to do! I always looked forward to your emails and pictures, and continue to enjoy hearing from you.  We will definitely be staying in touch!   
                                                                                             Thanks Again,
                                                                                            The Toole Family
Uvalda, Georgia

Testimonial: Christine & Wayman Nov 3, 2009 litter 

"Athena Goddess of Wisdom”"

Athena is our own gentle giant.  She is sweet, playful, and extremely smart.  Being my first dog & my husband's first AB, Davette has been an awesome resource for us.  She stays in touch, keeps us aware of what the other siblings are doing, and has really done a phenomenal job of making us a part of her extended AB family.  About 8 months after we brought Athena home, we had our son.  Athena is protective of him and he absolutely adores her.  I have, and will continue to, rave to others about Athena's breeder.  Best in class.  A huge "Thank You" to the Fournier’s for bringing Athena into our lives!!!

Christine and Wayman Leung

Silicon Valley, California

Testimonial: Nick Soares, October 6th, 2011 litter 


Penny and I are doing very well. Everybody loves Penny! Perfect strangers approach me regularly just to tell me what a beautiful dog she is. I love Penny! She's truly one of a kind, and I'm very happy to have her. She is a superstar at daycare too!
I knew from the very beginning when I first called and asked about her that I had to have her. The information you gave me and the things you taught me were very helpful and extremely valuable. Thank you! I can honestly say the process of adding Penny to my life was wonderful...easy and stress free thanks to you. You made things smooth and easy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate the follow ups and updates you send. You take customer care to another level! Without a doubt,  getting Penny from you has been one of the best experiences of my life!
I've wanted an American Bulldog for a few years and to finally have one...especially one as beautiful, smart, strong, sweet and wonderful as Penny is a blessing and dream come true. I praise you for breeding such wonderful dogs and making the process of getting and owning one a terrific experience. Penny says hello, and we thank you very much for getting us together!

Nick and Penny
Manchester Connecticut

Testimonial:Tanya & David Schiflett, Nov. 3, 2009 litter


Thank you , you are the best breeder out there. We Thank you every day for Chase he has brought so much joy to our lives. Thank you 

Tanya and David

Baltimore, Maryland

Testimonial: Sarah & Dean Gahr Nov 3, 2009 litter 

"Samantha Angel Gahr"

It is with great pleasure to send this email to you all. When thinking you are going to have a “dog” into your lives, think again.   Dogs are family members.  They adapt so quickly it’s scary. Davette arranged the flight to arrive mid-January 2010.  I was nervous due to what would happen in-between the short flight.  Thank god, nothing happened and Samantha arrived on time and safe. 

Samantha, which we have had since January 2010 immediately became “family”, funny enough she is my baby even though she is over 80 pounds and still growing.  Samantha does not see herself at the size.  She is just under 11 months and is just a blessing  thanks to Davette.  Samantha is a pure bread American bulldog, all bull dog breeds are a little stubborn but yet SO intelligent.  Samantha Angel Gahr has passed her AKC Good Citizen (CGC) exam an hour ago.  She is now officially a "Service Dog".  Dean & I are very proud of her and will continue her training at home.They are also different from other breeds as they just want to be loved and spoiled all the time.  If you are considering taking one in the future then remember this.  They LOVE kids, other animals but you need to take the time to give them affection too.   Samantha has been the best part of my life and she knows it.  Davette has given us a beautiful baby girl, I can’t thank her enough.  We have the perfect baby we always wanted.

Sarah Jane & Dean Gahr 

New York

Testimonial: Jose & Andrea, Oct. 6th, 2011 Litter

Wow tim
e really goes by fast! It seems like it was yesterday when we picked up Rocco. We are really happy we found you and Rocco. As you know we had our prior dog for over nine years. How ever Rocco came into our home and immediately filled the emptiness we had.  I thought it would take a little while to get used to having a new puppy, but let me tell you I was wrong. Rocco made him self at home right away, he became the center of attention with our entire family.  We still get calls from family members on a weekly basis and the first thing they ask is "how is Rocco doing".
We were glad to have met someone so passionate about the American Bulldog Breed.  You have made our first bulldog experience very easy. All the info and follow up you continue to do.  It is not just becoming a new American bulldog owner; it's like having an extended family. In his first 3 months he weighed in at 39.8lbs by the 4th month he weighed in at 55.4lbs and today he is tipping the scale at 72.5lbs!!
My two favorite things about Rocco are how loving he is with everyone and when I take him for a walk along the canal by our house. There are ducks and geese wondering around and he acts as if they were invisible. BTW he still thinks he is lap dog.
Thanks Again,
Jose & Andrea
Northern California
Dear "Villa Fournier American Bulldog Farm",

Our experiences, with Our American Bulldog "Baby Girl", as been nothing short of the exceptional! My Family and I prior to Baby Girl's arrival, had a few years of interaction with this breed through My Wife's side of the Family and We've even owned one before, but We've never had or seen an American Bulldog of Baby Girl's caliber. Baby Girl was a late purchase, we received Baby Girl when She was a couple days passed 4 months. The Kids were extremely excited to get an early Valentine's Day gift in the form of a puppy, and they were even in more perpetual celebration when they found out it was an "Uncle Wayne's breed of Dog" (AB); and not a small dog like Mom wanted. My Wife has always liked the breed and has never been against it either. My Wife knew the potential size that this type of dog could reach, and she just couldn't see herself shopping with an American Bulldog tucked underneath her arm. For some reason she didn't seem to think it would make a great fashion statement to tote a confidant looking dog around even if dog around, even if I could have found a shoulder bag large enough. But all aside, and after much compromising; mostly from the wife, she was just as enthused to have Baby Girl as the Kids and I were. Since Baby Girl's arrival, a short time ago, our home and family has been given a little extra boost of love. My Wife and I had always heard and witnessed how tempered, loving, well-mannered, and intelligent this particular breed was, but Baby Girl takes all of those traits and attributes, and others not mentioned to another level. My Wife fell in love with Baby Girl on day one and they now watch life time movies together every Sunday. Baby Girl is just a one of a kind dog, she as adjusted to our Pak extremely well. We have four kids, three girls(4,6,10) and a boy(8), and Baby Girl knows all of their personalities. The Kids have their own individual ways they play and interact with Her and she recognizes, understands, and enjoys them all. The Girls are always anxious to get home from school, the meeting between them and Baby Girl every afternoon is a huge party!  The Kids hug, rub, and pet her; and she kisses, licks, chases, and pounces on them till she's out of breath or they instruct her to stop (which that is generally given right before bedtime). Our 4yr old is simple in love with Baby Girl. When Baby Girl takes a break on Her it hurts her feelings tremendously. One day the door bell rang and Baby Girl Goes to the door along with me while I answered it, and my 4yr old just started pouting and sighing, then she told Baby Girl, "You always leave Me! That's why You're not my sister anymore!", and all of Us just laughed. Other than playing with the kids all day, Baby Girl loves playing fetch and chewing on all her toys. I run my business from home so during most of the day I'm around Baby Girl. Her attentiveness, ability to learn quickly, and communicative skills impresses me on a daily bases. We are extremely fortunate to have been blessed with Baby Girl. Attached below are some photos of Baby Girl during her fourth and fifth months. As of April 5, 2012 Baby Girl is 52.3 pounds and growing.

Proud Owner,

Hello Davette!

 Magic is doing just fine and he is such a joy. weighing in at around 98 lbs he thinks he is just the little lap dog. He is such a lover and loves to snuggle. He loves his sqeeky toys and so good at playing fetch with his tennis balls. He is very comfortable around other people and he spends a lot of time with our parents dogs and they get along so well. He is very protective but respectful of others at the same time.
Adding him to our family was the best decision we have made and we love every moment spent him! Hope all is well with you and your family !
 Thank you ,
Lyndsey ,Sergio & Magic
Livermore, California

So here's Bruiser's 6-month (uh, 7-month update).  Sorry for the delay and sorry for all the pictures.  It's hard to choose just one!!  Thanks again!
Bruiser is now a full-fledged member of the family.  Most mornings he walks to school with his kids and then stops at the park to play with his friends.  Slowly, but surely we are reining in his puppy-ness through training classes.  He’s mastered “sit”, “down”, “paw”, “come” “stay” and “go to your spot”.  He shares his house with three cat roommates.  He is buddies with one and has a healthy respect for the other two.  He can be naughty though.  He loves to “steal” the toilet paper off the hook and carry it off to chew.  He also has been known to eat the two year old’s socks.  Not taste.  Eat.  And it’s not unusual to find Legos in his mouth, not chewed up, but kind of stuck in his jowls.   Our yard is also missing a few plants.  But I think most of his mischief can be chalked up to being a puppy.  Overall, he’s a great dog.  He doesn’t jump up when he greets people, he is very playful with other dogs, and is very relaxed around the house, adapting easily to a chaotic house with four kids.  At 98 pounds, he’s a brute, but a loveable, well-behaved family dog.

The Bricker Family
Southern California
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